What You Need To Know Wi-Fi Range Extender and Wi-Fi Booster

What You Need To Know Wi-Fi Range Extender and Wi-Fi Booster

Currently the internet can be categorized as a secondary human need. When people cannot access the internet, it is as if their lives are interrupted. Especially in this case is Wi-Fi, which is one of the needs to fulfill internet access. When your wireless router cannot do everything, and Wi-Fi dead points cannot be avoided in most homes. The fastest solution to wireless coverage problems is to add Wi-Fi range extenders, which are special repeaters that can increase wireless coverage to parts of your home that your router cannot reach. Of course you will feel annoyed when it happens, so choosing the best Wi-Fi Booster or Wi-Fi range extender is the answer. But beforehand, it is better if we discuss what is the Wi-Fi range extender and Wi-Fi Booster?

About Wi-fi Range Extender

Wi-Fi range extender is a range or magnifying range device from Wi-Fi. In more detail, this tool serves to enlarge or increase the range of Wi-Fi signals from Wi-Fi Access Point Router to Wi-Fi clients in the surrounding area. Physically, Wi-Fi range extender is special hardware that looks like ordinary Wi-Fi Access Point Router; there is an antenna, and Ethernet. Regarding how the Wi-Fi range extender works, for example the Wi-Fi signal range from the Access Point Router is only 10 meters away, and when the distance exceeds that the Wi-Fi signal is no longer suitable for use. So that the client Wi-Fi within 15 meters can receive signals from the Access Point, must install a Wi-Fi range extender at that distance. So the total range of Wi-Fi Access Points that have been installed with a Wi-Fi range extender is as far as 20 meters. 10 meters from the Wi-Fi Access point and 10 meters from the Wi-Fi range extender.

Wi-Fi range extender can be used to strengthen Wi-Fi signals in places that are difficult to reach by an Access Point signal, such as a corner of a house, in a thick walled room or a room that is blocked by layers of walls. In addition, the Wi-Fi range extender can be used as a Wi-Fi client, because it is equipped with a data cable connection. But it only functions as a client via a wired connection instead of a wireless connection. And the most ideal position to put the Wi-Fi range extender is between the Wi-Fi Access Point and the Wi-Fi client that cannot receive the signal.

Then, where is the difference with Wi-Fi Booster?

The term Wi-Fi Booster was catch-all phrase for devices that extended a Wi-Fi Signal. A Wi-Fi Booster is more accurately defined as a wireless range extender. Central to Wi-Fi bandwidth ‘extension’. But to completely cover your home you may need more than one the best Wi-Fi Booster. That are about Wi-Fi range extender and the best Wi-Fi Booster which must be known before you install the Wi-Fi.